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Swedish Days Ride June 28 2020
Fox Valley Bicycle &
Ski Club
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How fast and far do you ride?

From April through September, our event calendar is full of a variety of ride opportunities - although rides can be scheduled anytime weather permits, even in January!

Leaders plan morning, afternoon and evening rides during weekdays and on weekends. Anyone in the club can lead a ride at any pace, distance or location. Contact Ride Director at for more information and/or to add a ride to the calendar.

Tues Night Casual Ride

10-12 mph, 10-20 miles

Designed for beginner cyclist interested in learning basic techniques, as well as, casual riders seeking an easy conversational pace. Routes mainly on trails and neighborhood streets. Mostly flat. No rider will be dropped or left behind. Time of sunset determines length of ride.

Wed Sunrise Ride

15-17 mph, 30-35 miles

This ride is offered for experienced riders who may want to fit in a ride before work and enjoy the sunrise. No drop.

Wed Night Casual+ Ride

12-14 mph, 20-30 miles

Appropriate as a progression from the Tuesday night ride as it allows riders to develop skills, strength and confidence. Also a good choice for the casual cyclist looking for an easier evening ride. Routes on trails, through neighborhoods and on streets. Mostly flat. No drop. Time of sunset determines length of ride.

Thurs Intermediate Ride
15-17 mph, 50+ miles
A good option for the experienced rider looking for a faster-paced ride with longer distances and more elevation gain. Opportunity to ride in pace line, but is optional. Routes may include country roads, busier streets, neighborhoods and trails. Water/food/restroom stops planned every 15-20 miles. Regrouping as needed. No drop.

Sat Intermediate Ride
14-16 mph, 50+ miles
This ride is a faster-paced ride with longer distances, higher climbs and pace lines.  Rides will cover busier streets and country roads.  At least one rest stop will be offered.  Accordion riding expected, no drop.

Sun Intermediate+ Ride

15-17+ mph, 50+ miles

Offers fastest pace of the week and a chance to work on your pace line skills, but that's optional. Accordion riding expected with regrouping as needed. Longer distances with elevation gains. Routes may include country roads, busier streets and neighborhoods. Water/food/restroom stops planned every 15-20 miles. No drop.

See the Event Calendar for more details on all of our scheduled rides.


What are the requirements for riders?

  • Riders must wear approved helmets.
  • Personal radios and loudspeakers are not permitted.
  • Before deciding to join, non-members are always welcome to try one or two of FVBSC's organized rides with a signed waiver and a helmet. Consult the monthly calendar for the time and start location of all scheduled rides, as well as meetings and social activities.

What does the speed range mean for a ride pace? 

The average speed you can expect on the ride is posted using a range, for example 10-12 mph. Your rolling speed will be a little higher than the average speed because it takes into consideration the times you slow down to stop and gradually pick up your speed after stopping. Also, the terrain on the route and weather will influence your average, for example hills, headwind, trails will reduce your average; tailwinds and long straight stretches of good pavement will increase your average.  

Where do your rides start?

Club members start their rides in a number of different places throughout the Fox Valley area and beyond. Each ride on the Event Calendar includes the start location name and address. Over the years, the following locations have been used.

Kane County Government Center (KCGC): Rt. 31 & 3rd Street in Geneva (south of the railroad tracks). Turn into the Government Center at the stop light and go towards the river & soccer fields to the back parking lot.


Leroy Oakes Forest Preserve: Dean St (north of Rt. 64 and west of Randall) at the Leroy Oaks/Great Western Trail, south side of street. St. Charles.

Headwaters Conservation Area: on Beith Road east of Anderson, north of Rt. 38, Campton Hills.


Wasco Elementary School: Enter off Old LaFox Rd just south of Rt 64.

Hanson Rd and Great Western Trail (GWT): Take Rt. 64 west of Wasco to Hanson Rd, turn right. Parking immediately on right, Lily Lake. 

Kaneville Community Center: Harter Rd, just north of Main Street. Park behind the library and by the baseball fields. Kaneville. 


Old Kaneville Middle School: Meredith Road between Rt. 38 and Keslinger Rd. Northern most parking lot off of Meredith. 


Batavia River Walk: 100 North Island Ave, Batavia. Park by the Police Department building.


Poynor Park: 6N330 Swanberg Road, CamptonTownship. Between Empire and Silver Glen Rd. Parking in gravel areas.

Information on Area Trail System


Here's a link to an application to help you navigate the local trail system and find amenities. It was created and is supported by Kane Kendall Council of Mayors.

KKCOM Bike & Pedestrian App