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Swedish Days Ride June 28 2020
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Typical Rides: Please welcome Katy as our new Tuesday Night Casual Ride leader, for beginners and casual riders.

Background: Katy has been a ride leader for over 4 years and specializes in new rider instruction. She loves coaching beginners and helping them grow in skill and strength. Katy herself is a strong endurance rider 50-100+ miles and rides year-round on her wide variety of bikes.

Favorite Cycling Destinations: Colorado

Fun Facts: Katy is a mother to 4 cats, loves vegetable and perennial gardening, and works full-time in banking.




Typical Rides: Please welcome Gina as our new Wednesday Night 12-14 MPH Ride Leader!

Background: Gina started cycling 16 years ago after a running career produced too many injuries. She started with a older Schwinn riding 20 miles and today loves riding 50+ miles as one of our strongest female riders.

Favorite Cycling Destinations: Italy, California and throughout the Midwest.

Fun Facts: Gina (left) and her daughter Natalie (right) log many miles together as a shared passion. Gina is also 100% Italian, loves cooking and baking, and makes the BEST lasagna! She has 3 children, 3 grandchildren and 3 step-grandchildren.


Background: Upgraded from a Schwinn Super Sport to building up a custom Ron Cooper framed bike (including wheels) in high school. Then college, work and family happened. Started getting back into cycling in 2013 and joined FVBSC in 2014. I try to get out 3 times a week weather permitting and enjoy riding outside all year long.

Best Cycling Achievements:
  • Finished at the top of the bottom third for my age group at the 2019 Barry Roubaix gravel race.
  • One of the last 10 riders to finish the 178 mile RAW (Ride Across Wisconsin Ride-2016). Dubuque to Kenosha in one day: 6:00am-9:14pm. The beer trailer was running out of beer when I finished in the dark.
  • Just trying to get better ride by ride and having fun.

Favorite Cycling Destinations: RAGBRAI

Fun Facts: Wally has 3 children that all live in Colorado, so he gets plenty of opportunities to mountain bike and downhill ski out west.



Typical Rides: Late Spring, Summer, Early Fall: Road rides of 50+ miles and avg speeds of 15+ MPH. Mostly Sunday rides with gas station/brunch stops covering routes throughout the Western Suburbs. Also support out-of town Club events. Target at least one century (100 mile) ride each year. Early Spring, Late Fall, Winter: trail (paved, limestone), neighborhood rides throughout the area. Slower pace, sometimes in colder temps (25°F+).

Background: Joined FVBSC in 1994. Started leading rides ~10 years ago and enjoy trying out new routes and destinations. Participated in the Tour de Cure for American Diabetes Assoc for 20 years.

Why Lead Rides? Passionate about riding safely, enjoying the great outdoors and continuing to exercise to slow the aging process.



Typical Rides: Intermediate, 14-16 MPH, 40-100 miles, Sunrise Ride (Wed), Interm Ride (Sat), gravel rides.

Background: After a CrossFit knee injury, started stationary cycling then spinning for rehab, which eventually led to outdoor cycling and got the bike bug. Joined FVBSC to learn from the best. This is my second season cycling and leading rides; enjoy helping riders grow in skill, strength and confidence.

Favorite Cycling Destinations: RAGBRAI

Fun Facts: FVBSC Board member, work full-time in marketing, love to garden/cook/travel, and have twins at competing Big Ten universities.



Typical Rides: Intermediate, MPH 12-16, distance 30 - 45 miles

Background: Casual cyclist most of my life. In the year 2010, became an "empty nester" and decided to get back into cycling. Traded in the 23-year old Trek for a Trek Madone 5. I have been a ride leader for four years with Fox Valley Bicycle and Ski Club.

Favorite Cycling Destinations: San Juan Islands, Washington State and Vancouver B.C.

Fun Facts: Aspiring drummer and play in the Geneva School of Rock Adult Band. Certified Yoga Teacher. Retired from a career in Information Technology.