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Swedish Days Ride June 28 2020
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Effective October 23, 2020: FVBSC COVID-19 GROUP RIDE GUIDELINES

Rider Guidelines:

  1. In accordance with the IDPH guidelines, each group shall consist of no more than 25 cyclists.
  2. Riders must adhere to social distancing.
  3. Riders may elect to wear a mask while riding - this is a personal decision. However, you must bring a mask with you to wear at any rest stop.
  4. Riders may be club members and/or guests (guests are required to sign the standard club waiver).
  5. Riders are required to RSVP to the leader by 8pm the night before a ride. 

Rest & Meal Stop Guidelines:

Rest and meal stops follow the IDPH guidelines, in addition to whatever stipulations the facility has outlined for its patrons. When entering facilities, riders may be required to wear a mask to place the order and use the facilities, and food may need to be eaten outside in a socially distant manner. Some outlets may require guests to pay with a credit card instead of cash.


Leader Guidelines:
  1. Leaders must follow the FVBSC Group Ride guidelines.
  2. Leaders will ask guests to sign club waiver.
  3. Leaders will create a list of all cyclists for each ride, in the event that contact tracing may be required at a later date.
  4. Leaders may elect to allow less than 25 riders per group.
  5. Leaders will review guidelines with riders at the start.
  6. Leaders should spell out as many details of the ride as possible in the event listing, particularly if it will traverse areas that may be congested such as the local trails. Riders need as much information as possible to assess the social distancing aspect of the ride.
  7. Leaders may request or identify a sub leader in the event listing.


  1. If you have tested positive for COVID-19, you have been medically released by a licensed medical professional.
  2. If you have not tested positive for COVID-19, you have completed a 14-day self-quarantine due to:
    • Travel to China, Hong Kong, Iran, any European country, Japan, South Korea, returned from a cruise, or travelled to any other high risk region (as defined by the CDC’s travel alert), or close contact with some who has travelled to any such high risk regions or returned from a cruise, and finished the 14-day quarantine period without developing symptoms;
    • Having direct contact with a person who tested positive for COVID-19 and/or a person who had fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, or exhibited any other flu-like symptoms or respiratory issues, and finished the 14-day quarantine period without developing symptoms;
    • Being subject to mandated quarantine under local health guidelines, and finished the 14-day quarantine period without developing symptoms;
    • Experiencing fever over 100, chills, cough, shortness of breath, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, or any other flu-like symptoms or respiratory issues and have not demonstrated symptoms for 72 hours after completion of the 14-day quarantine period.
  3. You are not currently experiencing fever, chills, cough, shortness of breath, new loss of taste or smell, sore throat, or any other flu-like symptoms or respiratory issues related to COVID-19 within the last 72 hours.

Come out and ride with us!


Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events

Our members include all ranges of abilities.  Whether you want to ride for fun or fitness, take a look at our ride descriptions and events calendar for a ride that's for you! 

We're an active club in Kane County Illinois with a variety of rides throughout the year including shorter rides at 8 to 10 mph up to 60+ mile rides at over 18 mph. In addition, we have year-round activities such as winter hiking and skiing and other get-togethers. You will find riders at your experience level and with similar interests. We stick together on all club rides for support and help in case of mechanical or other problems.

In-person club meetings are temporarily suspended, but you're 
welcome to come out and ride as our guest once or twice and see what we're all about! Annual membership dues are only $20 for an individual and $30 for a family of up to two adults and minor children. 

All cyclists must adhere to state and local COVID guidelines and restrictions, as well as the FVBSC Group Ride Guidelines listed below. FVBSC assumes cyclists participating in group rides will use good judgment regarding their eligibility and agree to all of the following:


Check back with us in 2021!

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RidewithGPS is a website & app used by cyclists to find, create and manage routes, track ride history and set riding goals. FVBSC pays for a club account for the benefit of its members. We are building a library of wide-variety routes.

As a member, in addition to the club’s route library, you will be able to use premium membership features on club routes including: 1) download maps, 2) turn-by-turn navigation on a smartphone and/or a GPS unit (Garmin, Wahoo, etc.) and 3) print paper versions of routes and cue sheets. 

Following all safety guidelines, you each have at your disposal dozens, if not hundreds, of prepared routes to take advantage of on our Ride-with-GPS club page. As a member of the club page you can enjoy some features that are normally only available with a regular RwGPS subscription. Membership of the page is open to all FVBSC members. Instructions for joining the club page can be found in the members-only area of the club web site.

Join Our Club to become a member and take advantage of these benefits. 

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